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DOVE-software introduction

Welcome to the DOVE service!

Dear users:


    DOVE was founded in USA , by entrepreneurs and geek culture, with the goal of creating the best web service software.

    Our goal is to create the best web service software for users around the world who have the need to cross the internet, browse the global web, video, socialize, work in foreign trade, play global games and so on.


    We want to be free from any external pressure and policy to provide our customers with high speed and stable web software with good price and good service. We are an online company, very keen on

    Remote human service, we have a very patient and technically very good remote customer service team.

    We are willing to assist you remotely for any usage problems of our customers.


    Our team is neutralist and is not involved in any external organizations. We do not want external organizations to influence our operation mechanism, so we do not keep sensitive user information and behavioral data.

    We support customers to cancel their accounts in a timely manner. Account cancellation will clean up all the data of customers and cannot be recovered.


    We are lovers of technology and design. We believe that strong technology and perfect design can bring excellent customer experience.

    We are committed to: all to the user first principle, to provide the best service for users!


    Dear users, the DOVE operations team hopes you enjoy using it and thanks very much for your support!

DOVE - Operation Team

Enjoy the ultimate web service with DOVE