Member Growth System Rewards

The higher the star level, the higher the commission percentage, the higher the cash bonus, and the faster the compound interest》》 Become a Referral Ambassador Now

Referral Process

Customers register/login through the promotion link to establish an affiliation with the promoter, and purchase products within the validity of the affiliation to receive Newbie Guide to Referral

FAQ - Referral
For referral issues, please refer to the following explanations. If your questions cannot be resolved, please consult customer service for more help》》 Become an ambassador now

  • Order Questions
  • Commission Questions
  • Referral Membership Level

I am a newbie, how can I participate in the promotion to earn commissions?

What is the ¥30CNY cash bonus? Can commissions used to purchased for services?

How is the commission calculated for referral rewards?

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